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Mergers, Acquisitions & Affiliations

  • Is your nonprofit organization considering a merger, acquisition or affiliation?
  • Are you familiar with the processes and procedures typically followed in these transactions?
  • Have you started the negotiation process but found yourself at a crossroads, unsure about issues that have arisen or even whether the deal still makes sense?
  • Would you like a reasoned second opinion before proceeding?
  • Have major structural or other issues or problems emerged during discussions with your board or a potential merger partner?
  • Is your organization in financial straits and hoping to escape by finding a stronger organization to merge into?
  • Are you concerned about legal and other professional fees adding up as you work your way through the process?

Transactions of this type are intricate and involve a host of business and financial issues, such as mission continuity, organizational culture, and the selection of the post-closing board and management team.  Not all mergers make sense even if there is abundant enthusiasm to “partner” with someone.

Jack Horak participated in well over 50 merger and acquisition transactions while practicing law and has developed a process designed to cut directly to the heart of a transaction of this type. Chapter 13 of the TANGO Nonprofit Method is entitled Mergers and Acquisitions of Nonprofit Organizations.


How a TANGO Merger, Acquisition and Affiliation Consultation Works


Step One:

Provide us with background documents to review.

  1. By-laws
  2. A list of officers and directors
  3. A list of the members of your management team and any key employees
  4. Your most recent audited financial statements
  5. Your year to date internal financial statements
  6. Copies of any Nondisclosure Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, or Letter of Intent that may have been signed and exchanged
  7. A list of any specific questions or issues you may have, or a description of general concerns within your board and staff
  8. Any available information of the above type about your potential merger partner (subject to any nondisclosure obligations)


Step Two:

Analysis background documents.
We will read, review, and analyze the documents provided to us under Step One, and get back to you with any questions, comments or requests for additional information to provide us with a strategic overview and to allow us to formulate our recommendations


Step Three:

A meeting or meetings with your team to address your concerns, answer your questions, and recommendations about proceeding or not, as the facts indicate.

We will meet in person with your board and/or executive team to review our analysis of the documents, answer previous and any new questions, and make necessary and appropriate recommendations. We will also be available for follow-up calls and emails, as necessary or appropriate.


Step Four:

Working with your professional advisors.

We do not provide legal services but can help set the stage for legal work that may be needed; and we will work in concert with your law firm, accounting firm, and other professional advisors. If you need other professional services we will help you find qualified assistance in the TANGO network or through our system of contacts.


Based on our experience, and assuming adherence to the four-step process described above, we anticipate fixed fees in the $2,000 to $2,500 range. The specific terms and conditions of the engagement will be memorialized in an engagement letter agreement before work commences.

If you are interested in discussing this product please send an email to Jack Horak jhorak@tangoalliace.org or Rob Bloomstone Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.


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