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Cyber terrorism has become a multi-billion dollar industry, larger than many of the industries upon which our country was built. As such, businesses and individuals need to be vigilant every day to ensure that they are not the next victim of a cyber attack.

Vigilance takes more than installing a firewall and keeping your computers up to date, as may have been enough in the past. Businesses must take a layered approach to security, called defense in depth. This means that there are several hurdles that a cyber criminal will have to overcome in order to access your valuable data. Additionally, educating staff on the potential dangers in the cyber world is imperative as any individual is a potential breach point in your network.  CLICK HERE for Exclusive TANGO Member Savings!

Kyber Security has dedicated professionals experienced in setting up secure infrastructures and managing them to protect your organization all day, every day.


  • 10% off project services with approved security program
  • Free one time search to see if your data is for sale on the dark web
  • Exclusive educational seminars
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