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Who is Awecast?

Awecast is a content creation and digital video production company.  Our services include digital video production, content writing, content management, graphic design & animation, aerial/drone services, podcast production, live streaming, online virtual event management, actor acquisition, voice production, editing, captioning & transcriptions, distribution, and production consulting & training.

Great content isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity – and Awecast’s in-house content creation team solves the need for consistent messaging and ties your branding together across all platforms.

We produce video for social media, web, and television, as well as long-form videos that power the growth of organizations and businesses, communicating clear and effective messaging.  Our team works with you to produce compelling content to help communicate with your specific audience.

What We Offer!

Awecast provides an array of services!

  • Digital video production
  • Content ideas & conceptualization
  • Content writing & scripting
  • Content management
  • Graphic design & animation
  • Drone video & photography
  • Podcast production
  • LIVE streaming
  • Online virtual event management
  • Actors & multi-lingual voice talent
  • Editing & post-production
  • Captioning & transcription services
  • Distribution to social, web & television
  • Production consulting & training
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How Awecast Serves the Nonprofit Sector!

Through a strong partnership with TANGO (The Alliance for Nonprofit Growth and Opportunity), Awecast extends our services at discounted rates to nonprofit organizations and initiatives.  We level the playing field for nonprofits by giving you access to the same level of production as for-profit businesses.  Our mission-minded content experts work with you to convey your message through targeted written content and high-quality video that will connect to your target audience to create awareness for your organization!

TANGO Members Receive Preferred Rates

Our production experts are here to work with you to incorporate your messaging into the highest quality video and social media content that will connect to your target audience, create awareness about your organization, and provide you with the strategy and skills to make it happen:

    • 20% to 50% on production services
    • Free content strategy session
    • Free video training session

Albert Petrunti – President

Young diverse professionals meeting around table about DEI

Membership is complimentary to all Nonprofit organizations thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners.

With over 1,600 nonprofit organizations throughout New England, TANGO has become a powerful community helping nonprofit organizations reach their mission.

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