TANGO Founder's Forum - February 2024

Rollin Schuster

Managing Director, NFP
President & Founder, TANGO

Never Stop Learning. . . 

I am writing this as I fly back from Arizona (75 and sunny felt pretty darn good!). I have the honor of being a Trustee of Franklin Pierce University, we have campus in New Hampshire, Arizona and Texas. This was my first visit to our Arizona campus, where we had a full day trustee meetings on Friday then had the opportunity to attend our White Coat graduation ceremony for our most recent class of Doctor’s of Physical Therapy. It was moving to see this highly excited group of young people take their oath, be adorned with their white coats and launch into their next stage of life. What a proud group of new doc’s and I think an even prouder group of families and friends.

Rollin Schuster, TANGO Founder presenting in front of a crowd.This program is one of the few “hybrid” programs in the country. These students are from all over the US and study their material and take classes virtually from home then come to campus every few weeks for their clinical training. A very innovative and popular approach to education.

It caused me to think about TANGO’s commitment to education…specifically business oriented education. This is one of our three tenants of existence. We see it all the time, nonprofits are great at mission delivery yet some lack the bandwidth and resources to invest in staff education to learn about new and emerging trends, best practices and strategies that can help them be better at business. And let’s face it, nonprofits are complicated businesses. The days of running a sleepy charity are behind us. Boards, funders and regulators are demanding more in terms of business excellence.

TANGO is highly committed to providing this education with a similar approach to Franklin Pierce’s hybrid model. We have both virtual and in person trainings. We are on the cusp of ramping up the frequency of our sessions. Our target is to provide over 50 educational sessions in 2024, all for free for the sector. These sessions are usually delivered by our talented group of TANGO Partners and range in topics. For example we have sessions focused on Finance, Compliance, Human Resources, Operation’s and more. View a list of our upcoming educational training sessions that you and your organization can take advantage of.

Knowledge is power and we encourage you never stop learning!




Rollin Schuster
Managing Director, NFP
President & Founder, TANGO

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