September 24, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

If your nonprofit engages in any of the three activities below, it’s time to get serious about taking steps to address cybersecurity risks.

This webinar is for you if your nonprofit:

  • Collects donations or event registrations through your website.
  • Stores and transfers “personally identifiable information,” about anyone, including donors. (Common examples of personally identifiable information include: clients’ medical information, employee records, drivers’ licenses, addresses, and social security numbers.)
  • Sends out newsletters and collects information on preferences and habits of your subscribers.

If so, there are real risks to your nonprofit’s own data security as well as to its donors, and individuals it serves. Your donors are your livelihood and we can help you protect them.

Learn more about protecting the future of your nonprofit’s data by learning to think like a hacker. Understanding why hackers are after your business and what methods they use to break into your systems can help you stop attacks before they happen.

Join our Partner Kyber Security for an informative complimentary interactive webinar on 9/24!


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