TANGO Founder's Forum - March 2022

Rollin Schuster

Managing Director, NFP
President & Founder, TANGO

Time to Celebrate!

Throughout the year I continue to express how glad I am to have such a diverse group of socially conscious TANGO Partners who believe in Doing Well by Doing Good by providing you (our TANGO Members) with their services in many exclusive ways to help your organizations thrive!

This month, I’d like to focus on our nonprofit Membership.  We’re almost at 1500 TANGO Members representing 170,000 that work in the nonprofit sector.  I’m so proud to have such a strong and robust membership base within TANGO that represent so many different missions for the good of all! There are many avenues that are covered in our TANGO community.  We have Members who focus on Health Care, Human Services, Private Education, Arts, Foundations, Animal Services, and other meaningful missions that make this a better world and I personally would like to thank you all for the work that you do.

Another way I would like to thank you is by announcing our Celebrate Nonprofits Night with TANGO and the Hartford Yard Goats on May 12th!  This is a night to celebrate, you and our Partners and we’re offering complimentary tickets to our Members to join us on this special night!  We’ll have a whole section dedicated to our Nonprofit Members and we would love to have you join us!   You can request tickets by going to our TANGO Website Events page. TANGO night at the Hartford Yard Goats

Lastly, I’d like to remind you that there’s still time to nominate a Rising Star in your organization to potentially be the 2022 recipient of our TANGO Foundation Rising Star Scholarship Award.  Our scholarship is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a pattern of success and have a passion for the work they perform.  The funds will support the continued professional development of these Rising Stars so they can be more impactful within their organizations.  I’m also happy to announce that this award will be presented at our Celebrate Nonprofits Night at Dunkin Donuts Park on the field at our pre-game ceremony, so make your nomination today.

Thanks again for all you do and I look forward to seeing you this Spring!

Best regards,
Rollin Schuster, President & Founder of TANGO
Managing Director, NFP

Membership is complimentary to all Nonprofit organizations thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners.

With over 1,700 nonprofit organizations throughout New England, TANGO has become a powerful community helping nonprofit organizations reach their mission.

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