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For All Ages

For All Ages is Connecticut’s only nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting the generations and inspiring action to end loneliness, reduce ageism, and improve health and well-being.

Social connection has been identified as both a basic human need and a social determinant of health, with loneliness and isolation being linked to an increased risk of anxiety, depression, addiction, suicide, heart disease and dementia. Pre-pandemic, more than 60% of Americans – across all ages – were experiencing loneliness. Experts assume that number has risen given the social isolation of the past year. 

We connect people intergenerationally through evidence-informed, unique events and programs, enabling everyone involved to experience a sense of belonging and to feel less lonely. As a result, people experience positive mental health benefits including a reduced risk of depression and cognitive disorders. And highlighting the vibrancy of older adults while giving them an opportunity to have purpose helps everyone feel better about aging – which studies show results in people living on average 7.5 years longer.

We believe in a world where everyone has access to social connection. We invite you to join us to bring people together across the generations so that they can flourish and thrive.

Services We Provide

We create positive, collaborative experiences between the generations that showcase the wisdom and vibrancy of older adults while countering the loneliness and isolation that are at epidemic levels across all age groups.

  • Our Tea @ 3 Community is a free, virtual 12-week community taking place each spring and fall that connects older adults with young adults for one-to-one weekly conversations. In addition, we host 3 virtual community-wide events during each 12-week session.
  • Each spring, we host our Buddies & Bobbers fishing derby. This is an intergenerational event where older adult anglers teach youth who have never had the chance to fish how to do so.
  • The first Sunday of December, we host Unite by Light, a luminary event in Simsbury that includes one mile of luminaries along both sides of Hopmeadow St. 100 volunteers assemble and place the luminaries, and all are invited to experience the event.
  • Our Joyful Notes Project invites people of all ages to make cards that we deliver to adult living communities throughout greater Hartford.

We are always seeking to create additional experiences connecting the generations. For instance, we are currently connecting Duncaster artists with Northwest Catholic art students to design and paint a bear that will be part of this summer’s West Hartford Bear Fair.

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For All Ages Accomplishments 

Since launching in 2019, we have served residents from more than 40 towns across the state of CT (as well as Amherst College students) and have provided 4000 hours of intergenerational connection to 600 people ages 5-100. In addition, we have delivered 5000 Joyful Notes Project cards to isolated older adults. 

TANGO’s Impact on For All Ages

We have attended TANGO’s educational events which have been helpful as we have worked to create a sustainable organization.  We also appreciate the TANGO organization and their Partners.

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For All Ages
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For All Ages
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