TANGO Member Spotlight - June 2023

Wellmore Behavioral Health event

Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools

For over 40 years, the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools (FACS) has been working to support Catholic school students in the Archdiocese of Hartford and that continues to be our driving force.  We want to ensure that all families who are interested in sending their children to Catholic schools have that opportunity.  Financial need should not be a barrier to a Catholic education and that is where FACS comes in.   Catholic schools change lives.  They educate the whole child and provide children with a steadfast foundation to grow and learn, freely and safely.

Services we Provide!

  • FACS provides tuition assistance scholarships to deserving children of all faiths and the need is continuously escalating.
  • FACS provides special project assistance grants to Catholic schools throughout Hartford, Litchfield, and New Haven counties.
    • The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools is thriving and remains true to its mission There are so many deserving students that need our help. Building minds and futures is our business. The scholarships FACS provides make possible the opportunity for a life-changing, high-quality education to deserving students who otherwise would not be able to attend a Catholic school without this support.
    • The Foundation traditionally holds fundraising events annually to raise scholarship funds. Our largest event is our annual Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast from which the net profits provide four-year renewable scholarships to children in both elementary and high schools.   Hundreds of people come together to support this event and it is a great place to network as well as to support an excellent cause.

The FORE FACS GOLF CLASSIC is fast approaching. It will be held on August 28, 2023 at the TPC River Highlands Golf Course.  This is a tremendous opportunity for golfers of all levels to play on this prestigious course.  The event benefits FACS and is vital to our fundraising.  We welcome golfers of all levels to join us.

Wellmore Behavioral Health event
Wellmore Behavioral Health event

Recent FACS Accomplishments:
This year FACS has committed to distribute approximately 400 scholarships to students attending elementary and secondary schools throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford for the 2022-2023 academic year totaling over $714,000.00.

When Covid began, FACS provided a $7,500 grant to each Archdiocesan school in order to help them prepare for dealing with the Pandemic.  They were able to purchase needed supplies for keeping children safe such as plexiglass, new desks to arrange safely, sanitary supplies and more.  These schools were able to stay open throughout the Pandemic and educate children.  Both parents and children were happy and enrollment even grew in some schools due to this prepared environment.

FACS has resumed major in-person fundraising events not only to raise vital scholarship funds but also to showcase our students.  There is close to 100% graduation rate in these schools, with nearly all attending two- or four-year colleges.  These children’s futures are certainly bright.

TANGO’s Impact

TANGO has impacted our organization in several ways.  We have hired consultants though TANGO, we have worked with vendors who are TANGO partners, we have been able to network with TANGO members and partners.  We participate in TANGO events and especially enjoy the annual Tango conference where we are able to keep informed regarding “best practices” for non-profits.  In many ways, TANGO benefits us greatly.  We admire the work of TANGO and appreciate all it does for not for profits.

Moving Forward!

We believe children deserve the education they desire. We would like to thank those who share our belief and support us. We are looking forward to gathering and connecting in-person and we invite you to join us at our upcoming events.  Together we will make a difference!

Wellmore Behavioral Health logo
Wellmore Behavioral Health logo
Wellmore Behavioral Health logo
Wellmore Behavioral Health logo

Contact Us Today!

Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools
92 Hopmeadow St.
Weatogue, CT 06089
For more information visit our Website, Facebook and Instagram pages:  The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools (FACS) (facshartford.org)

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