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Wellmore Behavioral Health event

The Connecticut Women’s Consortium

The Connecticut Women’s Consortium (CWC) is a non-profit training organization for behavioral health specialist and caregivers. CWC offers training by subject matter experts in a variety of topics and areas of study to behavioral health professionals and caregivers. Most trainings allow these professional to earn the annual Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s).

CWC Services:

  • The CWC is a leading educational resource for trauma-informed and gender-responsive care.
  • CWC offers training opportunities to behavioral health professionals in many subjects and areas of interest, allowing professionals to earn their required annual continuing education credits.
  • CWC in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) offers many collaborative workgroups to healthcare professionals, educating and exposing them to areas of specialties, networking opportunities and reinforcing their sense of community.
  • The Connecticut Women’s Consortium (CWC) does not provide direct services.
Wellmore Behavioral Health event
Recent CWC Accomplishments:

In partnership with DMHAS, CWC continues to offer large format (in-person, virtual or hybrid) opportunities to learn from leading experts in the behavioral health field. During the fall of 2023, CWC hosted independently or partnered with DMHAS on many larger conferences (Harm Reduction Conference, Managing Opioid Use Disorders Treatment in CT Nursing Homes, Understanding the Holistic Journey of Women and Recovery, assisted with Litchfield County Opioid Task Force Conference; Reimagining Empathy: A Decade of Unity & Resilience. We also will host on December 1st, the 7th Annual Integrative Medicine Conference: Holistic Healing & Recovery through Integrative Medicine Conference.

TANGO’s Impact:

TANGO has provided CWC with additional support, knowing that there is a community of non-profits working together for the common good. Knowing that TANGO offers services to non-profits to assist them in reaching the next level of the organizational and operational success. CWC appreciates their support and resources.

Wellmore Behavioral Health logo
Wellmore Behavioral Health logo
Wellmore Behavioral Health logo

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Connecticut Womens Consortium (CWC)
2321 Whitney Avenue, Suite 401, Hamden, CT 06518
203 909-6888 x 32 Colette Anderson, Executive Director
For more information visit our Website at www.womensconsortium.org

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