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Who is Novus Insight?

Novus Insight logoNovus is a CT-based provider of technology, data and consulting services. We specialize in working with mission-focused clients such as nonprofits, local government, and K-12 education. Our focus revolves around solving tangible problems that these organizations struggle with due to lack of expertise or in-house resources. More specifically, our aim is to materially improve the operational efficiency of organizations and their impact on those they serve. With all clients, we strive to make the approach to solving key problems understandable, affordable, and non-disruptive.

How we serve the nonprofit sector:

Until 2020, when we became a for-profit company, Novus was part of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Because of this, we have considerable knowledge of nonprofits on an operational level.  We understand what their biggest data, technology, and cyber challenges are and how to guide them on becoming more self-sufficient in these areas. To put it simply, our goal is to help nonprofits in ways that are strategically meaningful, where money spent on technology is viewed by senior management and boards as much more of an investment than an operating expense.

What’s coming down the pipeline?

How effectively nonprofits manage critical data continues to rise in importance, for good reason. Funders are more frequently demanding it. So are clients, and members, and other constituents. Overreliance on spreadsheets, non-automated businesses processes, and systems that can’t exchange data are just a few of the common problems nonprofits can’t afford to leave unresolved. Their negative impact on how an organization functions is far too great — intake, case management, referral tracking, accurately measuring outcomes, funder reporting, etc. These are focus areas for Novus, not only with advice but with solutions designed specifically for nonprofit use.

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Key Services!

  • Data Consulting
  • Business Process Automation Software Solutions
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Managed IT Support including Networks, Wireless Technology, Firewalls, etc.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting, Assessments & Remediation
  • Data Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
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Special offerings to TANGO Members!

  • Nonprofit pricing model
  • No-cost educational seminars and workshops
  • Direct access to sector thought leaders in data, technology, and security
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Contact Us Now

Novus Insight
222 Pitkin Street
East Hartford, CT 06108
Contact:  Carl Fazzina
Phone: (860) 282-4200
Other offices: Jacksonville, FL


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