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Experience has taught us that there are times when nonprofit organizations simply need an outsider’s perspective and advice concerning operational or strategic matters that will have a bearing on the organization’s future (if not survival).

We have recruited a team of consultants who can provide seasoned advice and counsel within their areas of experience and expertise.

If you would like more information, contact Jack Horak at g or at 860-463-7130.

Our Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

These are complex transactions that work well in some cases but not in others. They require careful thought structurally, programmatically, and financially.

Our consultants have a wide and deep level of experience with these transactions on all levels, and can provide mature unbiased advice – which might include not merging when that is the better decision.

Consulting Team:

Jack Horak | Jeff Walter

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI principles are vitally important to nonprofit sector organizations at the level of the board of directors and general staff alike. They are essential principles to incorporate in your organization’s culture. Our consultants have deep experience with this topic, advise on a high and thoughtful level, and can work with board and/or staff members as appropriate to the assignment.

Consulting Team:

Fred Jenoure | Joelle Murchison

Physical Plant & Facilities Management, Analysis & Review

Do you have concerns about the condition of your buildings and grounds? Have your properties depreciated more quickly than your budget for capital expenses? Are you worried about unsafe conditions or non-compliance with regulatory or financial obligations?

As their biographies indicate, Ackley and Fred have extensive experience in this field, and can be engaged to act as the “point person” for your board and management team in their relationships with engineers, architects, environmental inspectors, or contractors to be sure your organization gets what it needs at fair prices.

Consulting Team:

Fred Jenoure | Ackley Beaumont

Nonprofit Metrics Tracking & Performance Measuring

The need to establish metrics to measure a nonprofits mission performance will be front and center in the nonprofit sector for the foreseeable future. As one example: If you are working with troubled youth are you able to demonstrate with reasonably objective data how much value you bring to the lives of the young people being served. Do you provide a band aid or are you able to turn lives around.?

These are not easy questions to answer but they are being asked and its incumbent of organizations to have answers about these questions when asked by funders and others.

As her biography indicates, Sam Coy has been active in this area on a national level and can provide mature and reasoned guidance to your organization. Jack Horak has written extensively on this topic and can provide backup to Dr., Coy when appropriate.

Consulting Team:

Sam Coy | Jack Horak

Communications & Leadership Coaching

It is not uncommon for nonprofits to promote staff members to management or executive level positions where they will have supervisory authority over staff. In many cases, the individuals have not had this authority before.

Communication and leadership skills are vitally important for people in this setting, and they can be taught, and the people learning them can be coached. There may also be times when a nonprofit board believes that existing member of senior management might also benefit from some outside assistance to hone their skills.

As her biography indicates, Joelle has the experience necessary to meet these needs within your organization.

Consulting Team:

Joelle Murchison

Management & Organizational Structures, Supervisory Training & Conflict Resolution

There are occasions in which nonprofits can encounter internal schisms or conflicts at the board or staff level, or between the board and staff. The problems can arise because of structural problems (such as overlapping responsibilities), personality differences, or other factors.

Fred Jenoure worked in this area while serving as Omsbudsman at the University of Hartford during his service there; and Joelle Murchison’s communications and leadership coaching might be helpful in certain cases.

Consulting Team:

Fred Jenoure | Joelle Murchison

Medicaid, Integrated Care, Health Care Financing & Service Delivery

Nonprofit health care financing is a complicated mix of state, federal and private payors,  with audit risk and high costs of compliance.   Mistakes in this area can be fatal to an organization.

As his biography indicates,   Jeff Walter has an extensive background in this field as a nonprofit executive,  board member, consultant and advisor.

Consulting Team:

Jeff Walter

Meet the Team

Jack Horak


Director, Nonprofit Education and Consulting
TANGO Alliance

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Mergers and acquisitions, strategic problem solving, board training and retreats, board                                                      conflict mediation and guidance.

Dr. H. Sam Coy, TANGO Alliance


Coy Consulting

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Nonprofit metrics tracking and performance measuring.

Fred Jenoure


Director, Board Diversity Initiative & Consulting

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Management and organizational structures, diversity and inclusion, supervisory training, property management, conflict resolution, and union negotiations.



Founder and Principal

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 Diversity and inclusion, strategic planning, communications, leadership and coaching.

Jeff Walter


Senior Consultant
JLW Associates LLC

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Medicaid reform, integrated care, strategic partnerships, strategic and business planning, health care financing and service delivery.

Ackley Beaumont, Tango: Above the Fold, Executive Director of Facilities, University of Hartford


Beaumont Consulting

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