Jack's Journal - December 2020

A Discussion with Hartford Youth Scholars

Jack Horak
Director of Nonprofit Education & Consulting

Almost a decade ago I had the privilege of serving on the board of directors of Hartford Youth Scholars, an educational nonprofit based in Hartford, Connecticut.

As its website says it is an organization that works with Hartford students beginning when they are in middle school and helps them get to and through college. It gives highly motivated students access to the “best fit” high schools and colleges for them.

The TANGO Nonprofit Method by Jack Horak - guidebook for nonprofit organization successAbout a month ago I was fortunate enough to reconnect with Anthony Byers, the Chief Executive Officer, and Roxanna Booth Miller, the Chief Advancement Officer, and was thrilled to see just how successful they have been over the years. In fact, I was so impressed by the story that I asked Anthony and Roxanna for a brief “Zoom interview” to explain their story.

TANGO brings business thinking to its nonprofit sector work – and I have written in the past about things like metrics and efficiency – which are important though often difficult to quantify in nonprofit settings. I mention this topic because of the efficiency and the measurability I see built right into Hartford Youth Scholars operating system. It is a great organization that deserves attention and support.

Here is my interview with Anthony and Roxanne:


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Jack Horak
Director of Nonprofit Education & Consulting

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