TANGO Partners Perspective – June 2020

The Power of Video

Albert Petrunti, President

The power of video is undeniable. In today’s touchless and remote landscape, video is more relevant now than any other time in history.  The demand for consumption of video increases consistently every day.  As a nonprofit, you may think professional video is out of reach due to high cost or long turn-around times.  The reality is that professional video is more accessible and affordable than ever.  With all the platforms available, it’s never been easier to be seen!

Woman at kitch counter recorded for Awecast video commercialSince 2006, Awecast has been on a mission to make video accessible to everyone – especially nonprofit organizations.  We have leveled the playing field, giving nonprofits access to the same team, the same tools, and the same quality of production as for-profit companies!

What does this mean for your organization?

It’s very simple.  We are committed to mission-based organizations and have worked hard to align our services to your needs with flexible pricing options.

Why not just do it yourself?

There are many tools and processes in the market that promise you can make your own DIY videos, avoiding the cost of professional video.  The reality is… video that communicates a clear message and looks good is not always that easy.  Many of the man-hours involved in professional video production are spent creating a message that communicates your mission to the right people – which is rarely a simple task!  Presenting a professional image at the same time is even more complex.  So, this is where the professionals come in…

We cannot underestimate the importance of looking and sounding great.  Posting a video to your social media page that was shot on a phone may get your message out… but does it represent who you really are as an organization?

How can you benefit from professional video?

Today there are so many ways to get video in front of people.  You can start with a 15 or 30 second PSA to simply help raises awareness of available services.  You can produce a long-form video that leverages social media to communicate an in-depth message to your specific audience.  You can create a video tour of your facility or institution, so people don’t have to travel.  A healthy variety of video distribution formats can work together to engage audiences and compel your audience to act now!

Using professional video on social media and your website lets your nonprofit organization communicate just like for-profit businesses do!

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