Jack's Journal - August 2021

Building Bridges Nonprofit Week 2021

Jack Horak
Director of Nonprofit Education & Consulting

I am pleased to see that the Building Bridges Nonprofit Week 2021, commencing on October 4 of this year, will continue to carry forward and build upon TANGO’s mission of building bridges between the for-profit sector and the nonprofit sector.

We first adopted this theme for our 2018 Annual Meeting, and during four months that year my TANGO TRENDS columns set the stage for that meeting — and I thought it would be helpful to publish them again to set the stage for this year’s program.

The May 2018 newsletter entitled Building Bridges Between Business and Nonprofits set the stage with a discussion of the complexity of operating a nonprofit being no less than the complexity of operating a for-profit business of a similar size.

The June 2018 newsletter picked up where the May issue left off and discussed the phenomenon sometimes seen in the nonprofit sector that I refer to as “hiding behind the mission.” It is too easy for nonprofit management and boards to hide inefficacies behind the purpose or mission.

The July 2018 newsletter had the subtitle What is Money (profit) and Where Does it Come From?

Finally, in the August 2018 edition, I explained how our understanding of the relationship between nonprofits and for-profits was chiseled into the TANGO’s founding principles – which we continue to follow today.

I invite readers to check out any of these columns and to let me know if they have questions or comments. 

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Jack Horak
Director of Nonprofit Education & Consulting

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