TANGO Partners Perspective – March 2022

The Importance of Investing and Supporting Employees

Heather LaDue
Executive Director of Professional Programs & Partnerships
Franklin Pierce University


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If business owners learned anything from the last two years, it would be importance of investing and supporting employees. While some could argue that employers should have already been attuned to this, COVID-19 forced a reckoning with the employer-employee relationship.

Employee retention is more important than ever in this economic environment, where we saw millions of people leave their jobs for ones that offered more balance, better benefits, or a clearer path to professional success. This re-evaluation of “what matters” has required employers to take a hard look at things like employee satisfaction, professional development opportunities, succession planning and upskilling, while also balancing the cost-benefit of these efforts. With the war for talent in full force and the very nature of work changing, organizations are recognizing the need to upskill their workforce.

This could not be truer for non-profit organizations where the financial cost of addressing these issues can cut into the impact and reach of their work. For non-profits to efficiently deliver on their chosen mission, everyone in the organization from board members to staff members must be in a position to leverage the potential of new technologies and ideas. Reports suggest that a crucial skill gap exists in the non-profit sector. Non-profits often fail to invest in crucial leadership development. In the recent Non-profit Leadership Report, only 20% of non-profits claimed to be confident in their leadership. 70% of non-profit leaders planned to leave their jobs in the next 5 years. It is evident that there is an urgent need to fix these leadership gaps. That is why it is imperative for them to seek out no-cost-to -them employee benefits aimed at bolstering retention and recruitment. One such solution is seeking out a partnership with an institution of higher education.

Through formalized partnerships, non-profit organizations can leverage educational discounts and opportunities for the improvement of their workforce.  This not only translates into a direct benefit for employers, through a resilient workforce with top-notch knowledge and credentials, but also gives employees tangible skills and training that will help them thrive, all within an affordable, fast, and flexible learning environment.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with not for profit Franklin Pierce University, visit www.FranklinPierce.edu/partnerships.

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Heather LaDue

Executive Director of Professional Programs & Partnerships
Franklin Pierce University

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