Jack's Journal - September 2021

Welcome to the Nonprofit “C” Suite: Preparing Today’s Business Leaders for Nonprofit Board Service

Jack Horak
Director of Nonprofit Education & Consulting

As our readers and members know, TANGO is built on and around the proposition that businesses and nonprofits are equally important to their communities in general and should embrace each other culturally and economically,

We are also of the opinion that the nonprofit sector has, over the last two decades, evolved quickly and considerably such that nonprofit sector organizations are now as complex to operate as any similarly sized business; and that their needs for working capital (funding) are greater than ever to attend to the complexity.

And we also maintain that business level talent and insight is more valuable than ever – in management – but especially among board members.   But what do I mean by business thinking specifically?  Here are some random thoughts:

  1. A willingness to terminate programs for which there is a community need but which are money losers. The need is infinite, and the means are limited, as painful as that may be.
  2. Understanding the nature of assets — not merely in the accounting (balance sheet) sense – but in terms of ways to monetize what you may already have at hand – such as intellectual property or program management techniques that others would pay for.
  3. Contract negotiations — how to get the best economic deal and how to turn vendors into supporters.

There are other thoughts, but they are for a different day.

I am writing now to let our members and supporters know that we are not just talking about this – we are walking the walk with a new offering—an online course of instruction entitled Preparing Today’s Business Leaders for Nonprofit Board Service.

The course is based on the TANGO textbook – The TANGO Nonprofit Method and is delivered live in three 90-minute session spaced over a three-to-four-week period.

Two corporate employers have engaged us to deliver this training to select management level personnel with their organizations.

The benefit is threefold.   The nonprofits will get very well trained board members; the trainees will enhance their business skills because the board is part of the “C” suite and that is a good place to learn;  and the corporate employers will enhance the communities in which they operate.

If you have any interest in this course or have people in your organization who might benefit from a program like this, please contact me for curriculum, pricing and scheduling information.  I can be reached at .


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Jack Horak
Director of Nonprofit Education & Consulting

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