October 10, 2018
8:30 am - 11:00 am

The Board of Directors is an important component of a nonprofit organization.  In fact, the law requires there to be a board of directors, which has ultimate power, control and responsibility over and for the organization.
But, what is the board of directors? What are its rights and powers? Where does it sit in the organization chart?  What is its relationship to management? In what way can the board be structured to accommodate specific needs? How does a board make decisions?  Is the board of your organization doing its job adequately?  Would it make sense to recruit and pay experienced professionals to serve on your board instead of relying on volunteers? Is your board adequately supporting management?
The goal of this session is to explain and reinforce the vitally important role of the board of directors at a deep and fundamental level by using the four chapters on this topic contained in The TANGO Nonprofit Method textbook as our guide.
Jack Horak, Director TANGO Nonprofit Education and Consulting

Hill-Stead Museum - Farmington, CT

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