June 7, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Time to Pay Up – Understanding the Impact of the 2021 Passage of HB 6633 on Connecticut’s Unemployment Tax System
Simply put, CT employers paying UI Taxes will be dealing with unprecedented UI Tax increases in 2024. As employers are already dealing with double-digit increases in most commercial lines, the delayed repercussions of the Pandemic’s experience on the state’s unemployment insurance fund have finally arrived. HB 6633 will allow the maximum standard UI Tax cost per employee to skyrocket from $810 to $2,500.
In our webinar you will:
  • Learn what changes begin effective Jan ’24 and each year after
  • Identify the short and long-term financial impact of the legislation
  • Discover what organizations will benefit the least/most under the bill
  • Introduce a self-assessment tool for employers to estimate the financial impact

REMINDER: TANGO Members receive unemployment tax rate estimates for ‘24 from FNP at no additional cost!

Guest Speaker:
Joe Poretto
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
First Nonprofit

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