October 26, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Most nonprofits admit that managing their critical data is an ongoing struggle. At the same time, they acknowledge how important effectively managing data is for operating more efficiently and better positioning them to achieve strategic goals.
In this workshop-oriented session, we will answer why nonprofits struggle with data and share a few real-life examples of how organizations have gone from bad to good with managing data across programs and with partner organizations.
The examples will focus on best practices for collecting data, automating the processing of the data, and dynamically reporting the data in ways that tell compelling outcome stories and reveal measurable impact.
A common misperception is that meaningful improvement with managing data requires in-house technical expertise and lots of money. Not true! Novus Insight started out as a nonprofit and has 12 years of experience helping nonprofits to prove why this is false.
Join us for this complementary workshop to learn why managing data is much more of a “process” issue than a “technical” one. Ultimately, overcoming key data management challenges saves nonprofits money and time, while improving cybersecurity, sustainability, and attractiveness to funders.
Guest Speakers:
Greg Bugbee, Chief Technology Officer
Novus Insight, Inc.
Herbert Lierzer, Director of Data Services
Novus Insight, Inc.


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