TANGO Founder's Forum - October 2021

Rollin Schuster

Managing Director, NFP
President & Founder, TANGO

Training the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leadership

As many of you know, one of TANGO’s missions are to provide impactful business oriented training to the nonprofit sector.

This month we held our Annual TANGO Foundation Charity Golf Tournament. It was a very wet day but our Partners rallied and slogged through the course; all in an effort to raise money for the TANGO Foundation. Thank you to all who played and donated their money and time to this fun event!

The TANGO Foundation was created to financially support educational opportunities for individuals who work in the nonprofit sector. Our “Rising Star Scholarships” are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a pattern of success and a passion for the work they perform. These funds will support the continued professional development of these rising stars so they can be more impactful within their organizations. The TANGO Foundation’s mission is to help groom the next generation of nonprofit leadership.  There is still time to nominate a 2021 “Rising Star”, just go to  www.tangoalliance/risingstarscholarship.com

Another impactful training program we have launched is our TANGO Academy DEI Board Training.

The Need:
According to a 2017 study undertaken by Boardsource, the boards of directors of nonprofit organizations in this country are no more diverse racially and ethnically than they were 30 years ago. Notably, the disparity exists despite 30 years of powerful “messaging” by sector leaders concerning the importance of diversity at the level of the board of directors. The nonprofit sector should be further along by now and a different approach is necessary.

Our Solution:
Young diverse professionals meeting around table about DEITANGO’s DEI initiative was launched with the goal of increasing the number of diverse individuals serving on nonprofit boards within their communities. Our program prepares these individuals to run an efficient and effective nonprofit…from a business perspective. The course encompasses the teachings of the TANGO Nonprofit Method; written and taught by Jack Horak, Esq. Our graduates are fully prepared to become engaged board members ready to lead nonprofits into the future.

If you are interested in speaking with our graduates about serving on your Board or wish to learn more about this program go to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative | TANGO (tangoalliance.org)

TANGO’s staff and Partner group are made up of socially conscious business people who are committed to sharing their intellectual capital to help make the nonprofit sector stronger. Thank you again for your involvement in helping train the next generation of nonprofit leaders!


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As we approach the end of the year we are on track to have experienced the biggest growth of our membership since the early days of our existence. This is exciting because member growth drives innovation and the subsequent resources that we can deliver into supporting the sector. The old adage “ the bigger we get, the more we can do to help the sector” is true!

Membership is complimentary to all Nonprofit organizations thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners.

With over 1,600 nonprofit organizations throughout New England, TANGO has become a powerful community helping nonprofit organizations reach their mission.

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