TANGO Founder's Forum - July 2020

Backside or Backslide?

Rollin Schuster

Managing Principal, The Schuster Group
President & Founder, TANGO

As we slog our way through the pandemic I wonder if we are now on the backside of this or are we witnessing a backslide into the dark days we had several months ago. We are certainly not out of the woods yet but being the optimist person that I am, I think we’re on the backside.

Team of mountaineers helping each other climbWith certain exceptions it seems that most people are adhering to the CDC guidelines of social distancing. This is the only thing we can do until a vaccine is developed. It’s human nature to adapt…and we are.
I’ve been closely watching how resilient some nonprofits and businesses have become. Adapters seem to have not only survived but thrived. My core business The Schuster Group is experiencing unpredictable growth this year because of a few important tweaks that give us a market advantage. Many of our nonprofit Members are faring extremely well due to their ability to innovate in these unusual times. We are planning a video series that capture these nonprofit success stories and will be sharing them with our TANGO community.

I certainly understand that not every organization can simply innovate their way out of the economic pressures the pandemic has created for them. Hospitality, education and others have been bearing the financial brunt of this crisis. Others have been providing care for those who need it at unprecedented levels, and we all salute them.

TANGO has remained focused throughout this pandemic on delivering on our mission “to help nonprofits thrive“ and our Partners continue to innovate and deliver their services to the sector. Some of the exciting things we have recently developed are:

  • An emotional wellness program for caregivers.
  • A free discount pharmacy card for our members and their employees. Click Here
  • A diversity and inclusion program designed to prepare people to serve on nonprofit boards.
  • Proprietary insurance programs designed to provide more for less.
  • Increased educational webinars on important issues of the day…and more.

I think we can all agree that the world has forever changed; while I look forward to getting back to the “old normal” the innovations that have come forth as a result of this crisis may prove to be a silver lining as we adopt to living in the “new normal”.

If your nonprofit is looking to do things a little differently in an effort to survive or even thrive, please consider speaking with TANGO’s Partners. They are on the forefront of delivering value in these uncertain times…all bracing the philosophy of “doing well by doing good”.

Have a healthy, safe and productive summer.


Rollin Schuster
Managing Principal, The Schuster Group
President & Founder, The Alliance for Nonprofit Growth and Opportunity, Inc. (TANGO)
CT Office: 135 South Road
Farmington Ct 06032
RI Office: 600 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI 02828
Office: 800-388-9771 x102
Cell: 860-559-0697

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Rollin Schuster
Managing Principal,
The Schuster Group
President & Founder, TANGO

The Schuster Group
135 South Road
Farmington CT 06032
Office: 800-388-9771 x102
Cell: 860-559-0697

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