TANGO Founder's Forum - November 2021

Rollin Schuster

Managing Director, NFP
President & Founder, TANGO

So Thankful!

I love thanksgiving! It’s a day to pause and think about all we are thankful about. We’ve come a long way this year. Last Thanksgiving my middle child and her boyfriend bundled up and had dinner outside on the porch looking at the rest of the family through the windows because her boyfriend tested positive and they were in quarantine mode. Good thing it was a rather warm day and they ended up being fine! We all had a great time laughing at each other on either side on the glass barrier. This year we’ll all be together…inside!

As I get older my perspective on how thankful I am seems to increase. I bucket my thoughts into four areas; family, business, impact and achievements. Bear with me as I address each of these…

Family: This is the one “bucket” that I feel I am truly blessed, happily married for 33 years, 3 healthy kids who are pursuing their passions; one of which is due with our first grandchild in March! A good dog (most of the time) and 3 alpacas. So Thankful!

Business: As of January 1st the firm I started 29 years ago (The Schuster Group) was acquired by NFP a global insurance broker. They also acquired the operating company that is the primary fiscal sponsor of TANGO. This has been the best business decision I have made in my 39 year insurance career. NFP aligns with my philosophy of doing well by doing good. Our clients, staff and TANGO members are all better off as we look to the future of creating a meaningful difference for our nonprofit members. So Thankful!

Impact: I am extremely proud to deliver on our Foundation’s mission to train the next generation of nonprofit leadership. This initiative has been fueled by our Partners and supporters who have once again stepped up and filled the coffers of the TANGO Foundation. We will soon be awarding scholarships to those nominated as “Rising Stars” within the nonprofit sector. Our scholarships will provide the financial backing they deserve to become impactful leaders in the sector. So Thankful!

Achievements: This may sound trivial amongst all the challenges that the world has presented, but we all need to take a break from time to time and as some of you know I am an avid fly fisherman. Occasionally I write about the similarities I’ve experienced in business with the peace and excitement my sport of choice brings me. So to get to the point…we took a family vacation to a fishing lodge in the Bahamas recently and I caught the fish of my life on a fly…the elusive permit. A good one at that! So Thankful!

So as we all pause for a few days to reflect I want to thank all of you in our TANGO community for helping me create an organization that represents almost 500 nonprofit members with the sole mission to help them thrive. We all know that challenges lye ahead for all of us. When these storms occur it is my hope that the work we are doing and the community we are building can play a supportive role in weathering those storms.

Thank you again and may your coming days be filled with peace and prosperity.


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Rollin Schuster
Managing Director, NFP
President & Founder, TANGO

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