TANGO Founder's Forum - January 2021

There’s No Free Lunch. . . 

Rollin Schuster

Managing Principal, The Schuster Group
President & Founder, TANGO

There’s No Free Lunch. . .

When I created TANGO it was done so with the intent of helping nonprofits save money and build capacity. We deliver on this promise through business oriented education, preferred services and overall mission support (scholarships).

As we roll into 2021 we now have over 1400 nonprofits who have joined TANGO. This unique aggregation represents over 160,000 people who work in the sector and provide us with the scale to change market dynamics.

As many of you know, there is no cost for a nonprofit to join TANGO. From the beginning we felt this goes against our stated mission to help “save money” and build capacity. So how does TANGO survive if membership is “free”? This is a question we are often asked…there is no free lunch, right?

My firm, The Schuster Group provided the seed capital to get TANGO up and running and continues to be the primary fiscal sponsor. Our Partner’s also pay to be part of the TANGO community. In essence, our for-profit Partners pay so nonprofits don’t have to. They all believe in our philosophy of “doing well by doing good” and have built a preferred business proposition specifically for TANGO members. This formal alignment of socially conscious for-profits supporting nonprofits through their professional endeavors works when both sides respect the value of what we have created. TANGO would not survive without the support of our for-profit Partners!

So here’s the catch. . . we simply ask that you consider our Partner’s when contemplating a change in professional service vendors. Through our vetting process, we feel our Partner’s are the best of the best who all have deep nonprofit experience and have created preferred offerings for our Members.

That’s the cost of TANGO, a simple ask to give us a shot. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Click here to view all our Partners and their services.

Thank you,

Rollin Schuster
Managing Principal, The Schuster Group
President & Founder, The Alliance for Nonprofit Growth and Opportunity, Inc. (TANGO)
CT Office: 135 South Road
Farmington Ct 06032
RI Office: 600 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI 02828
Office: 800-388-9771 x102
Cell: 860-559-0697

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Rollin Schuster
Managing Principal,
The Schuster Group
President & Founder, TANGO

Membership is complimentary to all Nonprofit organizations thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners.

With over 1,600 nonprofit organizations throughout New England, TANGO has become a powerful community helping nonprofit organizations reach their mission.

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