TANGO Founder's Forum - June 2020

Supporting one another goes a long way.

Rollin Schuster

Managing Principal, The Schuster Group
President & Founder, TANGO

Summer is finally here, and as Business Owners, Directors, Managers, Full Time & Part Time staff, we are all still facing one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime; navigating and working efficiently through the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has been an extremely difficult time for everyone from both a business and personal perspective. But through the support of one another and finding various new means to help our businesses thrive, we at TANGO and The Schuster Group have been able to take some of the negative obstacles, embrace new technology and turn some negatives into positives.

TANGO multi-cultural hands in circleOne positive outcome for TANGO has been our continuing complimentary educational series hosted by our TANGO Partners. We have accepted the fact (at this point in time), that we can no longer have in-person educational workshops, so we shifted over virtually, which in return have been extremely successful. In most cases we have doubled (even tripled) what our normal attendance is for in-person workshops. Our TANGO Partners who care about the nonprofit sector continue to bring their expertise and guidance to our Members, helping them retool, manage and troubleshoot their basic (and not so basic) business needs during this challenging time. I’d like to send out a sincere thanks to all of our Partners on our Business Platform for your support and dedication to our Members and to TANGO as a whole.

Another positive outcome has been our distribution of PPE. Within the past two months, we’ve distributed over 6,000 masks to both Members of TANGO and clients of The Schuster Group. Normally we are supporting our clients with our daily business services, but in the case of the pandemic we have been able to also add goodwill to help our clients in need which has been overly appreciated on both sides. TANGO is happy to be able to contribute to the safety of our community and it was also nice to meet many of our Members in person (with our masks on), many of whom I’ve not previously met.

Whether you’re supporting someone with education, business needs, tangible items, or simply a shoulder to lean on, it all goes a long way. So, please continue to support one another!

Stay Safe,

Rollin Schuster
Managing Principal, The Schuster Group
President & Founder, The Alliance for Nonprofit Growth and Opportunity, Inc. (TANGO)
CT Office: 135 South Road
Farmington Ct 06032
RI Office: 600 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI 02828
Office: 800-388-9771 x102
Cell: 860-559-0697

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Rollin Schuster
Managing Principal,
The Schuster Group
President & Founder, TANGO

The Schuster Group
135 South Road
Farmington CT 06032
Office: 800-388-9771 x102
Cell: 860-559-0697

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